License Plate Kentucky

After you have registered and titled your vehicle you have to submit an application for Kentucky License Plate. There are nearly 150 types available. However, we can group them into two main types: standard and personalized. Each of them has its specific regulations and restrictions. This article is a little guide on how to complete the application, and renew and replace your license plates in KY.

License Plates

As mentioned above there are two main types available for KY: standard and personalized. The standard license plate has a light blue background for vehicles and total white for motorcycles. If you want to make your tags special or show support for some organizations/institutions you may request personalized ones.

Application Process in Kentucky

The application process is not that hard. You have to visit the local DMV office, fill in the request form, and make some applicable payments. Generally, it all can be done along with registration.
However, if you plan to get specialized tags you have to re-submit them with the DMV. You can run a quick free Kentucky license plate lookup to check the availability of your desired design and lettering.
To begin the application procedure, fill out the required forms and follow the instructions:
After checking availability, submit your online request by clicking the "REQUEST THIS PLATE" option at the website.
After you have been approved for the lettering, make all the necessary payments and wait for your decals. Generally, it takes up to six weeks until the DMV mails them to you.

Lettering Requirements

Standard ones can contain up to 6 characters and include digits from 1 to 9. If you want to specialize the lettering you should meet the following criteria:
  • It must include up to 6 characters/letter-digit combinations. You may only use spaces and dashes.
  • Make sure the combination isn’t vulgar; offensive or discriminative.
  • If you want a decal for a motorcycle the maximum character use is limited to 5.


The registration of your vehicle must be renewed by the time specified in your records. If you fail to renew it, you may face fines and penalties.


If you ever lose your tags or damage them you may request The County Clerk to issue you new tags. However, note that you cannot replace a personalized one until January of the upcoming year.
Whenever you’ve damaged the decal, you have to return it to the DMV office near you. The office will issue you a standard tag till your new decal arrives. DMV will notify you to pick your package up whenever it arrives.
In case you think someone has stolen your decals you have to contact the nearest police department along with DMV.

If you sell your car…

Before you sell your vehicle with current tags on it, you should contact your County Clerk’s Office and let them know. If you have a personalized decal, they will issue you another standard-issue one. You will be charged $6 for replacement.
Whenever you want to transfer the current one to another vehicle again you have to contact the Clerk and request a transfer. Generally, you will be charged $3 in addition to other charges.