Vehicle Registration Kentucky

Whenever you purchase a vehicle in Kentucky you have to register and title it. The registration process must be done in KY Transportation Cabinet (KTC).

Application Process

In KY, the application is available only in person. You have to take your proof of identity as well as a bill of sale, and other records with you to the nearest DMV.
On application day, make sure you have the required amount for fees and extra charges.

Required Documents

Those who are new to Kentucky need to register their vehicle at the nearest county clerk’s office within 15 days after moving here. The required documents for new residents are as follows:
  • Insurance Certificate
  • Form TC 96-182
  • The individual's residence's original title
  • Driver’s license/ photo ID
  • Cheques of fee payments
If you have purchased from a dealership, it’s mostly up to them to take care of the paperwork. However, here is the list of required papers:
  • Certificate of Origin
  • Form TC 96-182
  • Social security numbers for all individuals mentioned on the title
  • Statement of Lien
  • All applicable car registration taxes and fees
Individuals must present photo identification to the county clerk in order for the signature to be notarized.
The registration must be done in person at the nearest DMV office.

Insurance Requirements

All cars and motorcycles must have an insurance certificate. If you fail to provide it, the state has the right to revoke your privilege. Furthermore, both the car owner and the driver face a $500.00 to $1,000.00 fine, up to 90 days in jail, or both.
Besides the inspection, drivers have to fulfill the liablity requirements. The minimum liability is $25.000.
Take into account that if you don’t want to keep your registration up-to-date, contact the County Clerk's office to cancel your insurance as well.
What concerns the seasonal vehicle, the drivers can drop the certification required for the months they don’t operate the motorcycle or RV.


Generally, your initial Kentucky vehicle registration is valid for three years. After that, you have to renew it to avoid fines and penalties. The renewal can be done online or in person.

Online Renewals

You can proceed with renewal online at the KY government website. For the online renewal, make sure to provide the following:
  • Title number
  • Driver’s License
  • Insurance proof (obtained no more than 45 days ago)
Note that leased vehicles and those who have taxes are not eligible for the online process.

In-person renewals

If the in-person renewal is more convenient for you, you may pay a visit to your local DMV and fill in the request form.
Make sure to bring the following items:
  • Certification with photo
  • The most recent insurance proof
  • Payment cheques
  • ID


Active duty military

Military workers can even use their out-of-state documents to drive legally in Kentucky. However, make sure to include the Military ID in your insurance so that DMV can exempt you.

Temporarily living outside of KY

In some cases, you have the opportunity to update your documents even if you are out of state at that moment.
Contact your local office for more detailed information.

Applicable Charges

To register the car you have to make a payment of $21 in total. Here is the fees list:
Title: -$ 9.00
Plate: -$ 21.00
VIN: -$ 5.00
Lien filing fee: -$ 22.00
Late lien filing penalty: -$ 2.00