Kentucky Vanity Plates

In Kentucky, there are about 150 different plate types. If categorizing them into several main groups, we will have the following:
  • Regular (Standard Issue)
  • Special
  • University
  • Independent College
  • Military
  • Miscellaneous
  • Disabled
  • Special Motorcycle
Each of them has its own set of requirements you have to meet. Actually, the state issues the standard ones whenever you don’t specify the type in the request form.

Kentucky Vanity Plates

The state Revised Statutes regulate the issuing process. The vanity ones include the following decals:
  • Unbridled Spirit
  • In God We Trust
  • Motorcycle
  • Military

Kentucky Application Process

Before you can submit your application, you have to contact the Cabinet’s Review Committee and get approval. Later, you have to complete the request forms and the required steps:
  • First of all, you have to run a quick Kentucky License Plate lookup and check the availability of the lettering you want to get.
  • If successful, you may fill in the online request and submit it.
  • Finally, wait for the response.
If your request is successfully proceeded and approved you have to take the following steps:
  • Take your approval letter to the nearest County Clerk’s office.
  • Make a payment of $25.
  • Submit the required documents: proof of identity, vehicle records, and residency proof.


Your vanity tags may include up to six letters and digits. You may use one space or dash.
However, there are some cases when the use of lettering is restricted. These are:
  • When the combination is offensive or discriminative.
  • If it is vulgar or profane.
  • It encourages violance.
  • Whenever the combination is used to represent unlawful activities.
What concerns the motorcycle tags, they may include up to five letter-digit combinations as well as space or dash.
When the application is processed and accepted, it takes roughly six weeks to ship. The County Clerk's office will then notify you that the tags are ready for pickup.


If you ever lose or damage your tag, or if it is stolen, you can apply for a replacement. However, in Kentucky, you might not get your new tag until January of the upcoming year.
If you have damaged the tag, you have to return it to the nearest office. They will issue you a standard-issue tag while also requesting that the damaged personalized plate be rebuilt.
When the new personalized decal is ready for pickup, you will be contacted by the DMV

Selling your vehicle

The most given question so far remains the following:
  • Can I sell my car if it has a vanity plate on it?
In short, no. You can transfer it to your new vehicle or just keep it up. However, you have to apply for a standard one before you can sell the car.
Note: The DMV will ask you to make a payment of $6 to submit your application.
If you just want to transfer the current decal into your new car or motorcycle, you should contact the Clerk. Just make a payment of $3 for the re-issue.


You have to renew your registration before the due date specifed on your tags. To renew the registration, please, get ready the following documents:
  • Title
  • Proof of identity
  • Driver’s license
  • Insurance certificate
  • VIN, if applicable
Commonly, the due date is the last day of your birth month. However, there are certain exceptions, such as vintage automobiles that are due in December as well as title-only vehicles in July.